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Survey on Reissuing Doma and Luke

Survey on Reissuing Doma and Luke

Doma and Luke were initially discontinued due to the termination of collaboration with Mori9.
Recently, there have been requests from individuals expressing their desire for the production of Doma and Luke.
This is not a decision I can make on my own.
The decision to reissue Doma and Luke entirely depends on Mori9’s choice.

Due to the termination of collaboration with Mori9, there have been requests to produce and deliver Doma and Luke for the 15 orders that were believed to be canceled.

The silicone mold for the King75 body is currently in progress, and the first shipments are scheduled to begin in February.

For those who canceled orders for Doma and Luke but are willing to reorder, please email us.
Reissuing Doma and Luke is not confirmed. We are conducting a survey to determine if there is an intention to reorder.

As of now, we have not received a response from Mori9 regarding the reissuing of Doma and Luke.

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