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The True Face of Love

User name: ronja

Dear DollShe Craft,

I’m thrilled above excited to share with you the look of the face up I finally gave to my beloved Ur’Ke’Resh (David Kuncci in pale). I prepared myself for half a year to make it properly. Words can not express how I’m attached to this doll.  Thank you once again for him.

My Best Regards,

P.S. Here are some other photos:


  • You have done a sensitive – an exquisite – job on your David Kuncci/Ur’Ke’Resh. You must be very proud of yourself, Ronja – and we are all thankful to DollShe for creating such beautiful dolls! 🙂

  • Dear Ronja

    We are also excited to see picture of your David Kuncci.
    We also have seen picture of your David Kuncci on your flickr account.
    silver hair and makeup goes well together.
    Please love David Kuncci always.

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