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Do you want a new doll size?

Do you want a new doll size?

Recently, there have been many requests for dolls in various sizes that we do not currently offer. We want to grant your wishes, however different people have different preferences about scale for any particular doll and we have to figure out which dolls to expand our offerings on first..

We are presenting new doll size options for the 18M line. The current Classic line will be renamed “Classic Maxi” and the current Fashion line will be renamed “Fashion Maxi”. We are introducing two new lines:


For these two new lines, please select which dolls you would order and explain your choice in a comment. Survey participants will all be entered into a lottery for prizes (see below).

CLASSIC MINI and FASHION MINI dolls will be gradually released, however if there are at least 30 people who wish to order any particular sculpt, that sculpt will start production first.

Survey period

May 4th – May 11th

Winners Announced

May 18


1st Place – 1 piece of classic line dolls desired (full package provided)
2nd, etc. – 1 fashion line dolls desired (full package provided)
3rd, etc. – One bubblepet line doll (full package provided)
Participation Award – 10% discount coupon

Winners are chosen at random.


  • I would love to have a classic mini!!! I’ve seen other dolls this size and it’s very nice, easy to handle and is very pleasing proportions. I think a fashion mini might be slightly too small, but I would like to see one before I decide about that.

  • Hello!

    I would love a Classic Mini King Corey (L4 body if possible, dreaming is free XD ). I have another doll by Russian artist in that size and I love the size/proportions and weight. Also, I find this size easier to handle. Anyway, I’m also curious about Fashion Mini, although at first I maybe find it a little too small, it can be a very interesting size to travel and take to conventions and doll meetings.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our opinions as customers about new launchings, so as for this awesome survey ^_^

  • Hello !
    Classic Mini would be a great size. I personnally prefer classic dolls rather than fashion sizes because I feel like it’s much easier to shop for clothes, shoes, wigs and eyes for classic dolls. I like fashion size too but I prefer taller dolls, that’s why I think that Classic Mini would be a great choice.

  • Hello!

    I like the classic maxi size, I like big handsome guys so much! My doll family consists of dolls 70+ and I will always add the same. It’s my favorite format and I don’t plan to change it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to choice. πŸ™‚

  • I’d love a Classic Mini because I think fashion mini might be a little small. Although I’d love a fashion mini to go with my fashion dolls…
    But at first sight I’d prefer classic mini because I think the facial features would show better in this size. I just love your facemolds especially Saint, Arsene and Berman. But I like the others too.

  • I would love a Fashion Mini Arsene (1/6 scale). This size is easier to handle and you can go outside to take photos without being worried about ending up exhausted.
    1/6 is also very compatible with other dolls and action figures. That means that finding clothes, shoes, props and furniture would be easier.

  • Classic mini definitely. I have some ocs i’m trying to shell and while one is muscular and fairly tall and fits a souldoll vito well, i’ve been desperately searching for a NON muscular 52-55cm body to shell 2 other ocs who are tall but gangly, not muscular at all. Finding a 50cm+ doll that’s not built like a body builder is apparently extremely difficult, and extremely frustrating for me because I NEED this size and I NEED the body a certain shape otherwise it’s not those characters. I’ve always looked at Dollshe bodies and thought “damnit, if that was smaller it’d be perfect” because they’re elongated and slender, just what I need.

    Of course I would have had things easier if i’d just gone with standard sd sizing but the characters I wanted to shell had specific heights I wanted to keep in their doll forms. I like height variation and some of my characters are very tall and others very short. The huge gap between current msd at around 45cm and sd at 60+ leaves a huge gap in the middle, a massive missing section of heights not to mention ages. The current cliche is that msd are “older children” but where does that leave teens? Most 14-15 year olds are closer to their adult height than child sized, yet almost all sd heads are very grown up and a lot of modern msd look like teens now, but their heights don’t add up. You’re looking at teenagers who are like 5 foot 5 against 6 foot adults, and most 16 year old boys are taller than 5’5″. As MSDs have become more mature and started to represent older characters you’d think a new size would crop up for adults that’ll fit with that “world”, but that just hasn’t happened very quickly.

    50cm+ dolls not only are small enough to be less intimidating than full sd, which for some of us is just too big (i’m short and live in a tiny house, I don’t have the space for big dolls and they’re like half my height which is insane) but they also fill a scale niche to fit with the mature msd dolls all over the market.

  • Just what I think

    I think that you guys should first focus on the orders that you already have so that people do not have to wait a year for a doll while you are off to experiment with other things. A little bit of respect to your customers would go a long way.

  • Hi! I’d love a classical mini because it’s a size between msd and sd where there’s a low choice of dolls.
    It’s a size easy to handle, not too big and not too small.
    I’d love a Saint in this size!

  • I love the classic mini size <3 makes him a bit taller than the other msd and make super cute couples for dolls because he’s taller . It would be so hard to chose a face because their all so handsome !!

  • I think Classic Mini is a perfect size since there are a lot of other dolls in that size range, so scale wise they would look good together. I personally would get a Saint, Adonis or Bermann.
    I also think that offering the Classic Mini for the 26F line could be a great idea, since it’s even easier scale wise to buy clothes and shoes for smaller female dolls.
    I think Fashion Mini could be great for those that have a collection of only fashion dolls of around that size, but I believe that maybe there would be less people interested since like many people says it’s a a pretty small size.
    Thank you for the opportunity of participating in this survey.
    Hope you’re having a great day!!

  • Classic Mini sounds like a marvelous idea! It would be easier to pose and travel with yet details would still be very much present. So I think it is a great balance between easier handling and great aesthetics. Also customizing for 55cm would be a lot easier than 33cm body πŸ™‚ I’d love to see the Adonis sculpt casted in Classic Mini size!!

  • If this had been a choice before I placed my order a week ago, I’d have gone with the Classic Mini in a heartbeat (I ordered a fashion Saint). 50cm dolls are my new favourites since they are easier to carry around than a larger doll yet retain all the maturity of the larger dolls. I currently own 7 dolls in the 50cm range. Sewing for them is also a little easier compared to typical mini or mature tinies as the type of fabric for proper draping and scale of patterns available is larger. This is a large factor for me as I sew virtually all the clothes for my boys.

    I also have a fair number of mature tinies and enjoy the size, but they are all some sort of fantasy being having wings, fantasy feet, tails, etc. If those sorts of part were available, then I’d likely go for a mature tiny, too.

  • CLASSIC MINI definitely as it’d go better with the rest of my crew in terms of head size and overall styling!

  • I’d order a classic mini,(A mini Saiiint, would be, sooo adorable) It would be lighter than average SD’s, easier to carry, but still tall enough for me to bond, I’m not too much into fashion sized dolls anyways, voilaa πŸ˜€

  • Christine Michelle Chenique

    I think the Classic Mini would be a great addition to your doll line. This size would be perfect for male dolls who will look taller than MSD girls. There is also a lot of different clothing available for this SD size. The Classic Mini would be a good size between the 2 you offer already!

  • If you were to make a new size male doll I would want it to be in scale with other dolls that I own such as Iplehouse FID 50cm and Raccoondoll men 51cm .
    To be candid with you, I think you should finish production of the dolls people have already ordered and paid for before focusing on yet another set of new dolls. People are still waiting for dolls ordered in 2016!

  • I think that classic mini would be very interesting size. Fashion dolls are too small to be the part of a company of standard’s size dolls, but a 55 cm doll could be perfectly integrated.

  • hi I would like to have that classic maxi boy body…..its so nice and it fits the aesthetic that i like for my doll…. he will definitely be one of my Model in my doll fashion and collection…. love love love love… πŸ˜€

  • I very much love the idea of a fashion mini, for the same reasons as mentioned above, that it is easier to handle. In addition to that, 33cm is just a little bigger (by a negligible amount) than an average popular doll (like monster high/barbie). Those sizes are hugely popular and I think it would appeal to that crowd quite a lot.

  • Totally a classic mini! I have IOS 50 doll and he is great poser πŸ™‚ So I hope your 55 cm body will be too πŸ˜€

  • For me personally I would go with Classic Mini 55cm. As He/ She would be like a little brother or Sister to the Classic Maxi 70cm and with the other sizes you could create your own family. Going from one height to another. Plus if you offer dolls in different sizes, you open your company to a wider market. Allowing people to buy a mesmerising,breath taking,gorgeous piece of art from you. No matter what their budget is or what space they have, to be able to give a home too. To cherish and love forever and ever. That they could pass down in their family. Turning into a family heirloom <3 <3 =^-^=

  • I would definately go for a classic mini as this is the perfect boy- dollsize for me: just in between MSD and SD dolls. I have been searching for a mature looking boy which is on the smaller side of the SD size spectrum and 55cm would be fantastic!
    I would go for a Classic mini Arsene in a heartbeat.

  • I would actually love to have a fashion mini Saint. I really like the smaller size, as the 70cm dolls have always been too big for me. I adore my 41cm Saint, but even smaller would be awesome! One can never have too many Saint. Diana, if you ever finish making her, would be great in this size too.

  • Fashion Maxi is a good standard size doll, it would be easy to find clothes for it and take him places. Photography of the doll would be easier, as smaller dolls require less materials in the background to make a pretty photo.

  • I love the idea of the Fashion Mini size. There aren’t any bjd dolls in this size of such detail and quality as Dollshe. Many people who collect this scale of doll and would be tempted to try a bjd that would fit in beautifully with their collections.

  • I prefer the classic mini because as others have said it keeps in scale better with other dolls and it would be easier to find stuff for them than a really small size like the fashion mini. I would very tempted with a classic mini Arsene or Saint. That said, the Fashion Mini would look great too and very portable. So I definitely see the pros in both new sizes.

  • Oh my gosh fashion mini all the way! My main collection is mature yosd (26-30 cm) and I currently have ONE boy because no one makes them in this size. I would definitely purchase one from you guys next year as I already bought my dolls for this year.

    I hope to see more companies and artists make dolls( and BOYS) in this size as I would love to add more into my collection!

    I know that smaller mature dolls have grown more popular in the years and my fellow collectors are just as frustrated by the lack of boys as I am!

  • I love the fashion mini size! For me, the smaller dolls have a nostalgic feeling to them, since they’re close to the size of the dolls I used to play with as a child. They’re also much easier to store and to carry around. It would be wonderful to see some of Dollshe’s detailed sculpts in that size.

  • Fashion mini! Dollshe sculpts in a size this portable would be perfect, and as others have mentioned it’s so hard to find mature boys in this size. The variety from all the sculpts would be really appreciated by many people!

  • Yeoboseyo, I would say Classic Mini all the way! 60cm is very stately but to play with, my 53cm gal is perfect. Sitting on a shelf is cool but actual hands on playing, cosplaying or just dressing-up is the best. Brings lots of happiness and joy, which I feel is better done with this smaller size. But no smaller than 54 or 55cm as that just does not feel as impressive, to me, when they are in fullset. Thank you for presenting this idea.

  • I will choose FASHION MAXI. It is easy and convenient to handle it. Moreover, its price is not too much. Besides, I can also look for and find clothes, shoes and accessories for it easily.

  • I love the idea of classic mini dolls! The size is perfect, still large enough to admire the lovely details in the sculpting, but also easier to handle than the classic 70 cm dolls. It’s nice to see a size option in between the classic 70 cm and the fashion 44 cm, as I personally find the fashion size a bit too small for my taste.

    I have always preferred larger dolls but seeing a 55 cm Dollshe doll, I simply have to get one when they are released! I would love to see a Saint in this size as it is my absolute favorite Dollshe sculpt. He would look lovely next to my classic David Kuncci!

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into making these amazing dolls! ^_^ <3

  • I would love the Classic Mini size! I live dolls around 55 cm as they are better to handle than msd, but not too big and heavy! Also one of my 50cm dolls really needs a boyfriend!! So 55cm would be amazing!

  • Classic mini would be a great size. There are not many options from any company. I love the fashion size but I think a fashion mini would be too small, specially the head. I think it’s great to think about the future and offer more options, but there are a lot of dolls in production. Diana were sold in December 2016 and we have no news about her. So maybe it would be better to focus on what have already been sold.

  • Fashion Mini would be incredible, as you could take them to so many different places for photos. Be it just for a walk in the local neighbourhood or on a trip far away.

    They would also be easier to store, so may allow for people to purchase more than one as they would have very little worry in where they could put them.

    There also aren’t really very many male dolls in this size, and for those of us who like a more grown-up and masculine figure in a small scale, this would be lovely.

  • I dream of a set of all 12 dolls 18M CLASSIC format FASHION MINI: Berman, Saint, Bernard, Hound, Husky, Aramis, Orijen, Pabo, Rosen, Van, Adonis, Arsene – in 12 Skin Tone Pure Skin πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for creating beautiful dolls!

  • Hello, good morning. I prefer Classic Mini (55cm). It is the best size of doll. Other lines are too big or too small for my liking. I admire Dollshe for their sculpting but never found the right size. This might be an exacting opportunity! I support Classic Mini. Thank you for your time and reading this message.

  • Actually, back in… Maybe 2005? I had a dollshe husky from Tensiya. I loved him and I still have his white case! But unfortinately, I had to sell him… I never forgot him and I always wanted to buy another Husky.

    Well, I was finally able to get one during a sale not too long ago. His sculpt is still every bit as beautiful as I remembered from years ago, but I haven’t been able to get another body yet. I’ve been sick for a while and got a little worse again recently. It’s a lot of ups and downs but I’m trying my best to keep my spirits up! These dolls are one of the things that helps. <3

    So, if I could get a body for him, I suppose the classic maxi is the size hes made for. Of course I hope I win, but even if I don't, hopefully I can get well enough to work again and save up to get this beautiful boy the body he deserves. πŸ™‚

  • Kesirin D Tanwongprasert

    Classic mini would be a good size to handle. It’s not too big and it will be easier to sew clothes for than the Fashion mini

  • I think all of these options are great. But, I would really like to see a classic mini and a fashion mini size dolls. Both sizes are easy handle and they can be portable. This means, I can put the doll on my backpack when I go on overseas trips because the dolls are small enough. I can’t really bring my big dolls (70cm+) when I go on vacation. Also, having options to order smaller dolls can save on shipping costs.

  • I vote for Classic Mini! I like bigger dolls more and there are also more accessories out there for this size.

  • I would love a classic mini size dollshe collection! This is the size I have always loved since the inception of the hobby and always wished for from you!

    I ordered and am waiting for a fashion Bermann since last year but had the classic mini been available I would have ordered that instead.

    If a classic mini Bermann/Hound/Bernard be made I would order these dolls. Honestly I would prefer 50cm, but would like 55cm too.

  • Classic mini. I prefer the classic size and would like more variation in it. Classic mini would offer a more convenient size that isn’t too small and can fit with the existent types of SD dolls from all the different companies.

  • I vote for Classic Mini! I prefer bigger dolls and would love a new size from you in the big doll size range.

  • fashion mini – they would be great for transportation and storage as mentioned, also easy to put several in a photo and find pre-made clothes. a mini Bernard (or several ^^) would be awesome!

  • Fashion Mini!!! He would be just the right size for me. He would be just the right size to buy multiples of. I love small dolls. I love to buy several of the same small doll. I love to display them together in a scene. I would love to have fashion mini Diana and Fashion mini Bermann.

  • I think a classic mini would be fantastic. I really love the detail in larger dolls but they are too big in size for my space. I have a fashion Arsene that is beautiful but you lose a lot of options in eyes, clothes, and wigs for them plus they are a little harder to photograph than the larger size. If I was able to choose I would pick Aramis and Arsene. They are very different from each other but Aramis is a old favorite that I am hoping to get and Arsene is a doll that I would love to have in the both the fashion maxi size and the classic mini size.

  • I think that Classic Mini is the more appealing of the two sizes. It would be fun to dress Fashion Mini in easy-to-find action figure clothes, but the head size of Fashion Maxi is already small and it would be more difficult to find or make attractive wigs for such a small head. Classic Mini is a better size to pair up with other BJDs and a good in-between for people who think that the Fashion Maxi has too small of a head. Both sounds like great options to me, though. I would be tempted by a 33cm Dollshe because I already have a lot of 1/6 scale clothes and accessories.

    I think that Arsene and Saint would be good choices for the molds. Classic Mini size Arsene would be a good size for a teenager and I just think that Saint is an all-time classic sculpt that would be very popular.

  • AAAA I would love the Classic Mini, especially a Saint. . It would be amazing to have one, and I like smaller dolls best. They’re just easier for me to manage. Not to mention they take less fabric to make clothes for so I can use nicer materials! I’m hoping the 55cm guys will fit better with the other dolls I have than the fashion sized would. I’ve wanted a Saint forever, so I hope this happens!

  • My vote would be Fashion Mini!! It would be wonderful to have this smaller version as it would be more portable. I could take it places to take photos easily.

  • I would love to see fashion minis! The absolute DREAM would be Grant Phillippe at that size, though I know you just said 18M. From that line, I’d absolutely love to see Hound in that scale.

  • Loved the CLASSIC MINI – 55cm. Easy to move around and still big to appreciate the details in full glory. Many love big dolls but they aren’t able to enjoy going out with them because the more mature the sculpt the bigger it gets. I think FASHION MINI – 33cm will have the appeal of using 1,6 scale props, clothing and others, but the face might be too small (at very least for me). but surely others will love that size too.

  • I love the idea of Fashion Mini Aramis or Adonis. I have three fairies in this size and need one more boy. And I think Fashion Mini will fit perfectly into their company.
    Also, it’s easier to play with dolls of this size, your can build a house for them in one room for SD

  • This is a great solution! Yes, I would like the size of the CLASSIC MINI doll – 55 cm. I like the big Dollshe dolls, and I have ten (I hope that the eleventh doll will come soon – Adonis). I often travel to other cities and other countries of the world, and always take a doll and a camera with me. Oh, I do not like it on my back, ha ha! XD Adult saint in gear weighs 6 kilograms! Dolls of the old – 4 kg. I take a lot of pictures of the dolls in travel. And I always wear them with me. Yes, now I have one doll fashion line. It’s beautiful and very easy, but I would like the doll a little more πŸ™‚ 55 centimeters – an ideal option.

  • Fashion Mini – there are definitely not enough small jointed dolls that still look adult so the choice is very limited. Small Bernard, Diana and Saint just seem amazing, can get multiple dolls without them taking too much space. Would also be nice if there was an option of heads without holes for eyes for just painting the eyes, and it’s a completely new scale line.

  • I love the idea of classic Mini. I think it’s a great size and it combines with dolls from other stores that have the same height.

    Although most of my dolls are SDs and I love the Maxi Classic size, I have some fashion dolls from Iplehouse and Raccoon and a Amanda Beuaty fashion size.
    I have to admit, it bothers me a little that Amanda is lower than the others.
    In this case the Classic Mini is perfect for me.

    But all sizes of dolls are welcome.

  • The Classic Mini would be my choice, I’d love to have a Saint done in this size. The 55cm would be small enough to tote around but big enough to still appreciate the details of the sculpt. Eye size and wig size would be easier to deal with and painting the face would be less of a practice in patience.

  • I would be very interested in a classic mini aramis or adonis! I’ve been wishing for your dolls in a smaller size but with the proportions of the originals. 55 cm sounds perfect.

  • I would want fashion mini as I could set it on my desk at work and and I could hide it away easier when I need to πŸ™‚

  • What a good idea! Dollshecraft never ceases to amaze. I have 2 dolls from Dollshe, one CLASSIC (65cm)-Basic Package Amanda, the second 26F FASHION(41cm) – Basic Package Erica Snow, I love them! It would be great to have another doll FASHION MINI – 33cm Amanda Beauty or a doll with a new beautiful adult face in the person collection.

  • I like both new sizes.
    Perhaps I would buy a fashion mini Arsene. =)

    But first I would like to get my Diana, which I ordered last year!) =^_^=

  • I don’t really like smaller sizes than classic maxi. I would prefer instead of a new size some new sleeping heads. πŸ™‚ Or new molds.

  • I would love a Hound or Bernard in the New Size Fashion Mini. I love the original Hounds and Bernard dolls. This new size would be really neat.

  • I would love to see the Fashion Mini size. I like small dolls for their portability and ease of storage. Amanda would be great in that size.


    I LOVE the Classic Mini size! I would love to have a Hound or Saint in that size. I have a DollnDoll Loren that size and she needs a hot boyfriend πŸ˜‰ While I love my big guys and my smaller MSD’s, I really like having a variety of sizes in my family. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • I think Classic Mini is the most interesting of these variants. At least because it’s a rare size. I’d like to see the male Classic Mini size dolls in comparation with some larger fashion MSD (like Iplehouse FID, Raccoon), maybe they can form a nice pair.

  • It will be great to have Fashion Mini – it is very nice for vacation, it is small and light. And I like Classic Maxi, it is my favorite format of the dolls, they are well developed, they are interesting to sew, they can be beautifully exposed.

  • My dream is Phillipe in Classic Maxi))
    Dolls of this size are very convenient for me and it is easier to sew clothes on them. It’s certainly hard to carry them with you, but dolls are so inspiring that it’s worth the inconvenience.

  • I like Classic Mini size! I would like to see Arsene 55 cm! It is perfect size! Fashion line is too small for me, Classic Maxi is too big.

  • This is a lovely idea but what I really, really desire is for the company to stop focusing so much on making new dolls and to finish up orders that have already been placed. I have some dolls I have been waiting on for a year with you.

  • I think it’s great that you will offer more sizes, so thank you for that. πŸ™‚

    I am interested in both new lines, but will probably go for the Classic Mini first as I am more used to dolls around that size.

    Will you make bigger sizes in the future, like 1/2 or even 1/1? It may not be possible but a full scale Arsene or Orijean would be out of this world! ^_^

  • I understand expanding focus on production for the future, your work is amazing. However I was disappointed to see this news post & not a news update on the Order-made Natalie Portman bjd (now waiting for going on 2 years). πŸ™

  • I would absolutely love the Fashion Mini size. I’d grab an Arsene and a Rey Lewis in an instant. I would also probably finally get that Saint I’ve always considered but never really justified to myself. Possibly girls too, if they’re released (oh, Amanda, you’re so beautiful).
    It’s just so nice to sew for a small size, and they’re much more portable. I could carry one in my purse to work and then just go on a walk during lunch break – then take some photos while I’m there. Oh, the dream…

  • I would like to have Classic Mini doll, because for me it is ideal size. And maybe Fashion Mini – I like this scale.

  • A Fashion mini would be amazing! I have a preference for smaller dolls due to the size of my living space, and all of my other dolls conform to that. I would prefer it be something like 35cm or 36cm instead though, because 35cm seems to be a standard size across “1/5”-ish scale dolls. If I could get the 18m mystic body in 35cm, that’d be perfect.

    (If you were doing a 1/6 scale fashion mini, 30cm would be a better size. I would consider that too, but 35cm is my preference. That way he may be able to fit with my fashion King Corey as a normal but significant height difference!)

  • I like both new sizes, but if I had to choose one right now I would say Classic Mini, he would look great with the dolls I already have, also it’s an easier size to handle so it would give so many possibilities. As for which sculpts specifically, it would be hard to choose, since I like various of the sculpts you have. Probably I would go for a Saint.
    Thank you very much for this idea of offering more sizes, it’s great!!

  • I would choose a Fashion mini! I think that a mature face and realistic proportions in that size would be great as most are usually β€œbaby face” in that size. It can be used as a reference model for poses, like an art mannequin. It’ll also be much more convenient for travel/transporting it around without losing the complexity of a doll.


    That sounds great! I like Classic mini size!! I also wish Little bit taller… as 60~65cm.

  • The great new!
    I would like to have a FASHION MINI Saint, because this size is very rare for bjd doll. This size is easier to handle and you can go outside to take photos.
    And having two size from one mold bjd-owner can create photo-story, using mini doll for action-frame, and big doll for close-up.
    It would be magical *___*

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our opinions as customers about new dolls.

  • It’s good to hear theres going to be a new size open! The classic mini size is great! If its a bit taller would be great!

  • I really like the fashion mini, I think it’s better (for me) than the current Fashion size (or Fashion Maxi), it’s more portable and I think the level of detail it’s going to be amazing, also it matches other fashion doll sizes better. I’ve never been too excited about the Fashion size, but that new Fashion Mini size will be amazing! I would love to take the doll on adventures with me!
    Fashion Mini Saint or Berman! *love*

  • I am happy with the current sizes that are available. What I would very much like is a greater selection of head sculpts to go with the existing bodies, especially for the female dolls. I think this would increase your sales more than an increased range of sizes.

  • Hallo! Generally I m satisfed with the current dolls’ sizes since I’d prefer maxi size ( I have 4 Dollshecraft dolls up to now), but at the same time I would be happy to adopt fashion mini doll since I have Russian art dolls at the same size and your adorable boys will look great together with my dolls. Also travelling with mini version of my favourite doll is great advantage!

  • Hello!
    Everybody who knows Dollshe Craft doll will agree that idea to make wide variety of doll’s size is really fantastic! 33 sm line would be excellent for those who prefer small size and fascinated by beauty of your dolls. As for me this would be great opportunity to have tiny “copy” of my favorite doll with me in all my daily trips around the city and even around the world. This way one of my doll-friends, a small part of the world from my dream would be always with me.

  • Hello!
    It’s very hard to find qualitative, detailed and handsome male bjd doll when we talking about mini size. So I think, it would be wonderful to have fashion mini Grant Phillippe someday)

  • Hello! What a great idea! Thanks for all Gods! )))

    Why I’m so happy? Because I like both formats. )))
    I have 4 dolls 55cm and 2 dolls 30cm. If you will make such formats, I will finally be able to buy your dolls in my collection!
    These formats are most convenient for me because I do not have enough free space. ))) And big dolls are very heavy/ )))
    These two formats gives me possibility to create different dolls stuff. For my 55cm dolls a create various dresses (i like historical reconstruction). And for my 30cm dolls I create furniture. My dream – to build for them little fairy doll-house. I already made 1 room! )))
    I like to create miniature things for dolls.
    For very long time I admire your David. Now I have real opportunity to invite this delicious doll to my house!

    If you make these formats, I think, my first Dollshe Craft doll will be fashion mini. This doll will be a great companion for me in my trips and for my little dolls in their little doll-house. )))

  • think the classic mini 55cm would be an awesome size to own. Would the heads be about the same size as the 70cm dolls? I guess what I’m asking is if the head to body proportions will be more bjd like or more fashion doll like? If that makes sense.

    However, I might be interested in the mini as long as the head size stays the same as the current fashion line dolls. Their heads are already quite small!

  • Oh, I really like the idea and the Classic Mini size.
    I think that is more compatible with the height of fashion dolls from other companies and much easier to carry than a Classic Maxi.

  • Oh, I really like the idea and the Classic Mini size.
    I think that is more compatible with the height of fashion dolls from other companies and much easier to carry than a Classic Maxi.

  • It’s a great idea!
    I preper a Classic Mini 50cm! It’s perfect size, which very easy to play with and easy to take on a trip with. This new line is a great opportunity and I have a lot of ideas to play with this dolls!

  • I think different sizes it’s a great idea! I prefer Classic Mini line. Especially I dream about Arsene in this size ^_^, maybe a little bit lower (51-52 cm). I have several dolls in this size from others bjd-companies and I hope they would be perfectly fit to each other.
    Thank you for your creative ideas and amazing dolls!

  • I would definitely love to have Fashion MINI 33 cm. I have a few dolls in 1/6 size and I would very much like to have more of them. There is a lot of furniture, clothes, accessories and just a huge amount of all sorts of stuff for a size 1/6. In this size it is much easier to equip full rooms for dolls and take pictures of them (very different rooms and really a huge ammount of them because of size). You can have many dolls of this format, since they take up very little space. And they are so compact and tidy! They can easily be taken with you, they are very light and take up little space. They are easy to pull, they do not need too much stretch to easily hold the pose.
    Also I like the format of about 50 cm (as Classic MINI 55 cm). I have several dolls of such size. They are lighter and smaller than the SD, but are more covered than the MSD. The ideal format is the golden mean. They are compact enough and in the same time they are easy to sew on, make wigs and shoes, etc.
    Thank you for such a great news. I’m very glad that you think about your customers and I would be very happy if you decide to release both formats (33 cm amd 55 cm) and I’m sure want to buy these dolls (aspecially with Arsene’s body) πŸ™‚

  • Hello!
    I would have bought a doll classic mini line and fashion mini.
    I think this should be very interesting. I would like to hold these dolls in my hands and play with them.
    Dolls of the classic and fashion lines I already have. I want these dolls in all possible sizes!))
    Classic Mini is convenient to carry with you on trips, and a mini fashion can sit on my shelf above the table))

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