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BUBBLEPET BJD Original prototype and Rights for Sale

BUBBLEPET BJD Original prototype and Rights for Sale

Dear member,
I’m sculptor DK.
I am selling the BUBBLEPET BJD original sculpt and rights. BUBBLEPET BJD is a BJD lineup with no delivery delays. BUBBLEPET Selly is a rabbit doll not yet released.
Due to the announcement of a boycott against DollShe Craft by the fans of DK, the creator of the original sculpt, the sale of BUBBLEPET BJD through the DollShe Craft site has become difficult. Also, due to PayPal account restrictions, many people are unable to purchase BJDs.
If there had not been a unilateral termination of collaboration by Mori9, the shipping delay issue would have been completely resolved by now. We are unable to ship even the casting stock BJDs due to the lack of shipping fees. There would not have been a situation where not even a dollar was earned for the past 10 months due to PayPal account restrictions. Furthermore, with no shipments being made, only refunds are increasing, further worsening public opinion. All DollShe Craft employees have resigned, making it difficult to continue operating the Casting Center.
DollShe Craft is selling the BUBBLEPET BJD original sculpt and rights due to the PayPal account restrictions.
The proceeds from the sale of BUBBLEPET BJD will be used as refund payments to customers who have requested refunds for delayed BJD shipments from DollShe Craft.
Target Buyers for Sale:
– Original BJD Brands
– Individuals planning BJD businesses
– Brands with a history of illegal copies are excluded.
Conditions for Joint Ownership Sale of Prototype and Rights:
– $10,000
– Joint ownership with sculptor DK and rights buyer
– 25% sales commission for each BJD sold
Conditions for Sole Ownership Sale of Prototype and Rights:
– $20,000
– Sole ownership by rights buyer
– No sales commission
– Support for Sculpt Production:
I will provide the highest-quality sculpt for the creation of new BJDs.
Sculpt Modification:
– The sculpt cannot be modified without permission from sculptor DK.
– Modification of the sculpt requires commissioning from sculptor DK.
– Prevents damage to the original design.
– 3D modeling is not provided.
– In the case of joint ownership, the choice of Casting Center must be agreed upon with sculptor DK.
– The BUBBLEPET BJD brand name can continue to be used.
– When sold by an existing BJD brand, it will be transferred to the purchasing brand.

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