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SUPERHERO prototype and rights have been sold

SUPERHERO prototype and rights have been sold.
This is Sculptor DK.
SUPERHERO prototype and rights have been sold. SUPERHERO BJD lineup ensures prompt delivery without any delays.
Many people are hesitant to place orders due to payment issues with their DollShe Craft PayPal accounts.
SUPERHERO BJDs sold through IDOLBJD will be available for purchase soon. is set to open shortly. They will only sell in-stock BJDs and will accept orders for a limited quantity of pre-orders that can be shipped within 1-2 months after ordering.
Modifications to the prototype

The hands and feet of SUPERHERO are being slightly adjusted. The feet will be modified to be compatible with existing shoes.
We have taken into account feedback that the feet are too large, so after the modification process, the prototype will be delivered.
SUPERHERO Body Size & Measurement
Head circumference 225mm
Neck girth 180mm
Chest 495mm
Waist 355mm
Hips 415mm
Upper leg girth 280mm
Lower leg girth 200mm
Upper arm girth 190mm
Lower arm girth 160mm
Wrist girth 90mm
Ankle girth 130mm
Height 720mm > 710mm
Shoulder width 250mm
Arm length 230mm
Leg length 330mm
Back length 200mm
Hand length 100mm > 90mm
Foot length 130mm > 105mm
Foot width 50mm > 40mm
Pubic bone to tip of foot length 430mm > 420mm
Eyes 12mm
Weight 4000g

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