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Inventory for sale

Inventory for sale

Reason for selling inventory
Selling one unit of inventory allows us to ship two delayed units of inventory.
Even if we have to sell inventory, it is a better decision to ship at least one more delayed unit of inventory.
There are not many customers willing to bear additional shipping fees and request shipment.
We do not expect many customers to pay additional shipping fees and request shipment in the future.
We cannot continue to hold onto the inventory. The situation will only worsen over time.
The inventory dolls are offered at a 30% discount as a special package.
We sincerely apologize to those whose shipments have been delayed
The inventory dolls must be shipped to those who have placed orders earlier. We understand that this is not the right thing to do. Due to restrictions on the DollShe Craft PayPal account, there have been almost no orders.
Running the Casting Center has become increasingly difficult.
Employees who have worked for 18 years had no choice but to resign.
Most of the employees could not endure and resigned.
We need time until we can generate sufficient profits from a new business by selling even a single unit of inventory.
Only bank transfers are accepted
PayPal payments are not accepted.
Some people criticize DollsTown for not accepting payments on my behalf.
DollsTown has helped resolve my unfortunate situation at the risk of suffering losses. I can no longer accept payments through DollsTown’s PayPal account.
In the future, inventory doll sales, additional shipping fees, and additional replication fees will only be accepted via bank transfer.
Please inquire about inventory via email
We will send a photo confirmation after confirming the inventory.
Shipping will be completed within 2-3 days after payment is made.
Plans to address shipping delay issues
I am selling doll molds, accepting mold production requests, and trying various other businesses besides dolls.
I am doing my best to resolve the shipping delay issue as soon as possible.
Superhero, Supermodel, and BubblePet lines have no shipping delays.
We plan to sell the Superhero, Supermodel, and BubblePet lines.
The proceeds will be used for the casting costs of delayed shipments.
We are doing our best to resolve the shipping delay issue as soon as possible.
We will definitely resolve the shipping delay issue and restore DollShe Craft to normalcy.
Thank you to those who understand our difficult situation and support us.
We are deeply thankful to those who offer constructive criticism rather than blind condemnation.
It’s all my fault.
I will do my best to resolve the shipping delay issue.

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