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Selling the Club CoCo BJD prototype and rights

Selling the Club CoCo BJD prototype and rights.
Dear member,
I’m sculptor DK.
I’m selling the Club CoCo BJD prototype and rights. Club CoCo BJD is a BJD made with the support of DollsTown.
Due to the fact that the prototype was made by Sculptor DK, Den of Angel announced a boycott of DollShe Craft and Club CoCo BJD, making it impossible to sell through DollsTown.
I’m planning to send an email to the administrator of Den of Angel.
If there hadn’t been a unilateral termination of collaboration by Mori9, the shipping delay issue would have been completely resolved by now. Due to the lack of shipping fees, we cannot even ship the duplicated inventory of BJDs. Moreover, due to the PayPal account restrictions, we couldn’t earn a single dollar in the past 10 months. Furthermore, since shipping is not happening at all, refunds are increasing, and public opinion is deteriorating. All employees of DollShe Craft have resigned, making it difficult to continue operating the DollShe Craft Casting Center.
The partnership between DollsTown’s BJD-exclusive replication and Club CoCo BJD sales has ended. DollsTown has sold one vacuum mold and provided technical support for high-quality replication. DollsTown has started replication directly.
DollsTown has provided much support knowing the difficult circumstances of DollShe Craft. I sincerely thank Mr. Ahn Jong-hak, the representative of DollsTown. DollShe Craft faced criticism for selling Club CoCo BJDs created by sculptor DK. DollShe Craft received a notification that they could no longer sell Club CoCo BJDs, and as they could not afford any further damage to DollsTown, they stopped selling Club CoCo BJDs and reclaimed ownership. Due to PayPal account restrictions, DollShe Craft is selling the Club CoCo BJD prototype and rights.
The proceeds from the sale of Club CoCo BJD will be used as refund payments to customers who have requested refunds due to delayed BJD shipments by DollShe Craft.
Target for sale:
– Original BJD brands
– Individuals planning to start a BJD business
– Brands with a history of illegal copying are excluded.
Conditions for joint ownership sale of prototype and rights:
– $15,000
– Joint ownership between sculptor DK and the purchaser of rights
– 25% sales commission each time BJD is sold
Conditions for sole ownership sale of prototype and rights:
– $30,000
– Sole ownership by the purchaser of rights
– No sales commission
Support for prototype production:
We will provide a finely sculpted BJD prototype when creating new BJDs.
Prototype modification:
– Prototype cannot be modified without the permission of sculptor DK.
– If modification of the prototype is required, it must be commissioned from sculptor DK.
– Ensure that the original design is not compromised.
– 3D modeling is not provided.
– In the case of joint ownership, the DollShe Craft Casting Center must be chosen in agreement with sculptor DK.
– The Club CoCo BJD brand name can be used as it is. The domain Club has been purchased. It can be transferred if desired.
– Transferred to the sold brand when the existing BJD brand is sold.


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