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KING75 + Gift 18M 24M 28M Classic OE Head Event



18M 24M 28M Classic Line head is compatible with the King 75 neck circumference of 120mm.


KING75 + Gift 18M 24M 28M Classic OE Head Event
We are pleased to announce the re-release of KING75 with a special event. If you order the KING75 line, you will receive an 18M 24M 28M classic head as a gift. 18M 24M 28M classic head is compatible with the KING75 neck circumference 120mm body.


Event Details:
Limited quantity of 30 KING75 SUHO and ROMA dolls available at a 30% discounted price.
Approximately 150 orders, which had selected compatibility heads such as Doma and Luke, have been canceled.
Only two orders remain for the exclusive head created by sculptor DK.

For Customers Unaware of the Cancellation:
There are 15 customers who are unaware of the cancellation of their Doma and Luke orders.

We are in discussions with Mori9 to re-release these canceled orders for a limited time.


Limited quantity




Payment Process:
Payments will be processed through our trusted partner, DollsTown’s PayPal account.


Unveiling of KING75 SUHO Head and ROMA Head.
The SUHO head and ROMA Head will be revealed, and casting will commence two weeks from now.

KING75 SUHO and ROMA is compatible with all 75cm-sized outfits and shoes.


Funding Benefits:
KING75 SUHO and ROMA available at a 30% discounted price.
Regular price USD900 > Funding price USD630.


Ordering Details:
Each individual can order up to three dolls.
Funding period until February 29th.


Basic Full-body Package Composition:
Gift 18M 24M 28M Classic OE Head + OE (Open Eyes) Head + KING75 Body + Genital Parts + Testicle Parts + Exchangeable Hand Parts for Outfit Changes + Exchangeable Foot Parts for Outfit Changes.


Funding Shipping Schedule:
Shipping begins in early March.
Initial orders can expect delivery in March.
All funding orders will be shipped within 2-3 months.



PayPal payment
Due to the withdrawal limit for Dollstown’s PayPal account, please deposit to Dollstown’s PayPal account.
We have been exclusively casting Dollstown BJD for the past 15 years and have maintained a good relationship with them.
Dollstown PayPal account:


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