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New 18M Mystic POSE + Body, say movement






“Pose takes personality”. It is a word I always conceive before I start producing a new body. I set the age and body line and contrive to optimize it’s best fluent movement. The important thing is keeping the beauty of the body and harmony with it’s joints.

I put beautiful lines at dividing part in the body. I made harmonic lines throughout the whole body.

The movement of New 18M Mystic body is definitely the best among the dolls I have made so far.

I have seen many pictures of dolls. I realized most of the dolls are standing. It is standing while taking a picture. Therefore, it has to have a natural and beautiful promotion when the BJD is standing.

BJD is different with humans. Its flesh is not as soft and flexible as that of a human’s.
Like those reasons, it’s hard to make dolls pose like humans do. I conceived and set the joint mobility range with an optical illusion so that the doll makes a natural pose.

Hands and feet parts are sample to compare the size and I will make it more Fineness and softer. I will show you other extra hands and feet parts one by one.
We provide ‘Pose body’ and ‘Pose+ Body’. ‘Pose body’ is the body that looks natural and ‘Pose+ Body’ is the body that has wider mobility.
You will satisfied with either body.


  • Very nice range of posing and movement on the pose+ body! Well done! Looks very real and natural in many positions.
    Looking forward to seeing it in clothing and with Bermann, Bernard and Saint heads. 🙂

    • Thank you for your compliment on the Pose Plus Body.
      We are planning to show everyone Bermann, Bernard and Saint Head after 3weeks.
      We will let you know as soon as we have an update.

  • So elegant! I love his hands and the flow from the shoulders to the tips of the fingers (like a dancer). His body is wonderful! and I can see that he will look fabulous wearing clothes, I love your dolls!

    • We tried to make them elegant, we are happy you noticed it.
      You will see the strength of the new Mystic body from fine posing.
      It will make elegant flow when he is wearing clothes.
      He is a boy but I want to express his neutrality.

  • This body is completely gorgeous, I love it so much! I can’t wait to see the extra hands (Dollshe hands have always been my favorite!) and this body cast in resin. I’m in love. ♥

    • Thank you for your interest in the new body. We are producing the extra hand parts. We will show you next week.
      We would be able to show you our body soon too as our schedule.

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