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Only email orders are accepted.


Only email orders are accepted.
Until PayPal returns to normal, we will only be accepting orders via email.
Due to PayPal withdrawal restrictions, PayPal cannot be automatically linked after ordering.
If you submit your order by email, we will inform you of the total price of the doll and shipping fee.

Order form
1. Name:
2. Delivery address:
3. Contact:
4. Doll Type:
5. Skin color:
6. Order Quantity:
* Please send to or
* Please write the title ‘Inventory Order’.
* Orders may not be available when the inventory list is exhausted.
* Be sure to submit your order by email and make payment after receiving a reply.

Lineup available for email ordering
LIMITED 100 BJD Classic Line
LIMITED 100 BJD Fashion Line
bubble fat line
Full lineup of head, hands, feet, and other parts
– LIMITED 100 BJD classic line, LIMITED 100 BJD fashion line, and bubble fat line are in stock. It will be delivered within 1-2 weeks after ordering.
– The entire lineup of heads, hands, and feet will be delivered within 1 month of ordering. Please inquire about silicone mold Yumu and place an order. Discontinued heads can also be ordered.
– Due to delivery delays, orders for other lineups will not be accepted until delivery is complete.

CS work and delivery will resume from December.
CS work and delivery will resume from December 1st.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We will resolve any delivery delay issues as soon as possible.
In-stock listings may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

PayPal payment
Due to the withdrawal limit for Dollstown’s PayPal account, please deposit to Dollstown’s PayPal account.
We have been exclusively casting Dollstown BJD for the past 15 years and have maintained a good relationship with them.
Dollstown PayPal account:

Wire Bank or Swift Transfer :
* Please confirm item(s) availability with us via email or you can order through our shopping cart online. If the item is available, place an order online or email with your firm commitment to purchase with payment information.
Wire Bank or Swift Transfer. This payment option is an efficient alternative to using a credit card. Here are the guidelines and procedures for a bank transfer:
– Place your order using our online shopping cart. Make note of the order number and the total amount of your order.
– Contact your bank and request a bank transfer of funds to our bank. The funds must be in the currency
– you selected to pay and equal to the total amount of your order. Please add USD 20.00 wire transfer fee
– Instruct your bank to make reference to your order number in the transfer.
– Provide your bank with the following information about our bank :
Swift code : NACFKRSEXXX
Account number : 356-1485-1989-83
Depositor : Kim Ki Yong
Tel : 82-70-7722-8309
Address : DollShe craft, 2 floor, 12, Goejeong-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon [302-816] Korea
* Important: A USD 20.00 wire transfer fee is required on all wire transactions. This amount will added and notated as “Wire Transfer Fee” on invoice.
* Note that all funds must be received before your order is processed and shipped. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail, we will not be responsible for loss. Please note that we try to respond to all e-mails within one business day. If you are expecting an order confirmation and do not hear from us, please send the e-mail again.


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