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This is our position regarding collaboration with Mori9.

This is our position regarding collaboration with Mori9.
hello. I am Kim Ki-yong, the representative/sculptor of DollShe Craft.
This is DollShe Craft’s position regarding collaboration with Mori9. I received Mori’s position on the cessation of sales of Luke and Doma in a state where communication between Mori and I was not organized. It is mentally very difficult for Mori’s unorganized thoughts to be treated as a scammer on social media without filtering.
Luke and Thomas, who collaborated with Mori, decided to ship all orders, including those ordered. After the order is delivered, Luke and Thomas say that Mori will sell it directly through another route.
As for the Luke and Doma head sales commissions created by Mori, we first send the orderer information to Mori from the time the delivery is completed, and after confirmation, we transfer the head sales commission.
Meanwhile, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, 30-40% of DollShe Craft’s sales evaporated for 15 months, and long-serving employees and part-timers could not be fired, so they invested personal funds to survive. It lasted for quite some time with expenses exceeding income, but four employees left the company because they could not afford the labor cost. Due to the lack of manpower, the number of PayPal claims has increased due to repeated delays in delivery, and the monthly withdrawal limit is currently only $5,000. As new orders fell due to delayed shipments, there was no way to process deliveries faster.
I’ve had a hunch for a long time that the prospects for the BJD business are very bleak.
Launched a new business. Funding difficulties due to the accumulation of PayPal claims will be gradually resolved when payments come in from new businesses around mid-June. After that, the Dorshe Craft delivery situation will quickly normalize. Most of the money earned from the new business is used to reproduce and ship dolls, and most of the staff are put in for about 2-3 months.
Most of the orders that selected Mori’s head were received at a 50% discount as a doll promotion event. There are only a few items that are ordered at full price. Full-price orders were also partially refunded while conducting additional events. There are some people who ordered the head made by Mori because it was attractive, but the percentage of people who ordered the King 75 body I made, including the jointed hands and jointed feet, at an unconventional discount price is also quite high.
Those who ordered a special package including jointed hands and jointed feet at $450, which is half the price of King75’s regular price, will not be able to purchase BJD from other brands at this price. In terms of taste, even if people like or dislike it, structurally, the arrangement and description of the muscles are differentiated from those of other companies and very delicately sculpted. BJD enthusiasts evaluate that the BJD I made is very anatomical and aesthetically complete.
Excluding the money we pay for the license fee to Morrie, we are Sam only receiving BJD reproduction and material costs. I don’t benefit much from selling BJD. It is enough as long as the salary of the employees who have been with me for a long time goes well. The reason why we planned an unconventional event in the process of selecting and completing head collaboration artists in the early days was to promote King75 by receiving many orders under unconventional conditions. I hoped that orders would continue outside of the application event, but there are almost no additional orders.
The head Mori made is attractive, but there wouldn’t have been many orders if it hadn’t been for the event.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t pay Morrie’s head sales commission right away, but I’ve explained enough about the PayPal claim and delivery status in advance. In agreement with Mori, we agreed to ship all orders received through the event so far to customers. Without the event, it is unlikely that orders will continue to come in even for the heads Mori made. We will stop selling the head type that Mori made right now. Luke and Doma decided to work on 1-2 more silicone molds according to the order quantity, and then send the head prototype back to Mori.
Within a day or two, communication with Mori did not end, and as the rumors of the suspension of narrow fishing quickly spread, there were too many PayPal claims. Due to PayPal’s operating policy, funds cannot be withdrawn immediately even if the doll sells well, so we need to make more profits with other businesses besides the BJD business. Due to PayPal’s policy, the number of claims is so high that even quick refunds are difficult, which puts Dollshe craft in even greater trouble.
Paypal claims are steadily increasing, so we can withdraw only about $5,000 per month, and we can’t use more people or spend more materials because we don’t have enough operating funds. When Luke and Thomas was released, the withdrawal limit was $12,000. The PayPal limit limit is too small to run a studio, so doll production is not smooth, which affects delivery delays.
For that reason, I am doing business with a popular item with good business potential in order to continue the doll business and to pay the license fee for the sale of Luke and Doma to Mori. After launching the premium handmade objet brand noocoo, it started selling on Ideas, a handmade platform in Korea. I will soon start a YouTube channel for children with a baby octopus character called OCTOYA, which I designed myself, and will sell a variety of fun products.
For the new business, the previous month’s sales payment is deposited on the 15th of every month, and products that are more popular than the BJD business and lead to purchase by many people are mainly sold. Currently, DollShe Craft is experiencing financial difficulties as the number of PayPal claims increases due to long-term delivery delays, and 4 out of 8 employees are temporarily seeking other jobs or have retired. If the new business goes well, around mid-June, two full-time employees who are doing other jobs for a living will return to work right away. In addition, if there is a lot of new business sales, the head license fee made by Mori will be transferred quickly and at once. I can’t transfer money by PayPal, so I’ll attach the money directly to Mori’s Chinese account.
I have accumulated so many designs and ideas. I don’t post everything I do on Instagram. Instagram is my personal account, so swearing or slandering things that have not been verified is not permitted. Most of my Instagram followers are BJD maniacs, so I’m not interested in the various activities or works I do. I have experience in film directing and theater acting, and I am interested in and do well in various art activities specializing in design. I also deal with several graphic tools on my own. I have the skills to easily commercialize ideas in my head or implement designs into reality. I will develop content companies, sports brands, and cosmetic brands as other jobs that can embody my values, and I will no longer waste my talents only on making BJD. BJD making is very hard work, but the price is too shabby. Even now, I endure great stress from overdue prototype work and delivery of dolls, and I work nearly 18 hours a day without weekends.
A new business has been prepared for a long time by spending only a small amount of time. The fact that I don’t make BJD and only do other things means I’m making the mistake of judging only a part of the content I post on Instagram. New business is essential for survival, and only when the new business goes well can the BJD company continue to operate. Making BJD was quite fun, but I couldn’t devote my youth and health to a market where only a handful of well-made dolls are sold without discount sales. To be honest, I’m gradually losing interest in making BJD due to various things. You know that many of the dolls I make are illegally copied and sold in China, right? Did you know that there are places that sell the body that I made by modifying it a bit and selling it as if I made it myself? With the help of the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency, the size of the illegal copy product market that started in China was grasped, and about 5 times the sales of DollShe Craft dolls were sold as illegal copies.
The BJD market, which cannot eradicate illegal copies, is expected to get worse in the future. I will make a fortune with other businesses and BJD will sell only a small amount in limited editions without discount sales. Of course, I will make it in advance and ship it directly. If it still doesn’t sell, BJD will stop making it. It takes 6 months to complete one BJD, it takes a hand to work on the silicone mold, and the reproduction is done by hand one by one. If you can’t sell a few BJDs that you made with so much effort at regular price, wouldn’t you have no choice but to stop making dolls?
I may not be able to convey my honest feelings in writing, but there are many people who trust Dollsh Craft and wait for the dolls to be completed, knowing that the dolls are of excellent quality, so please wait for the delivery to be completed. All orders will be shipped within 6 months.
PayPal is still not releasing money, and claims are increasing, so looking at PayPal and doing BJD business has reached its limit.
I made dolls for 24 years. I devoted and poured all my youth into this. Now that the overdue prototype work and delivery have been completed, BJD occasionally makes its own creations and sells them in small quantities in limited editions at full price.
Doing BJD as a business is difficult and exhausting.
Lastly, please refrain from making refunds and PayPal claims so that we can only complete delivery up to the order received. PayPal claims are automatically refunded to customers after a certain period of time in practice.
I’ve been making BJD for too long, and I think I couldn’t let go of the lingering attachment and continued the business. If you had been making good profits with other businesses in the past, you would not have taken orders for dolls at unconventional discounts or held excessive events, even throwing an irrational number. I transfer my talents to things I like and can do better. I spend too much time making only BJD, life is too short and my talent overflows.
Write it down without any hesitation.
Please. We are very sorry for the delay in delivery, but please refrain from making PayPal claims so that we can complete the delivery of the orders we have received as quickly as possible.
I’m not good at English, so I translated it through ChetGPT.
Even if there are typos, please understand the context.
The key point is that it is difficult to continue selling dolls through PayPal, and all Luke and Doma orders made by Mori are shipped.
My feelings are personal and I leave it to each individual’s judgment.
Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft Representative / Sulptor Kim Ki-yong

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