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CS work will resume in December.

CS work will resume in December.
Dear Member,
I am DK (Dragon Kim, DollShe Kim), the CEO of DollShe Craft and a master sculptor.
The CS team leader will return in December. CS work will return to normal after December when the CS team leader returns. Please understand if CS response is not smooth for you.
Please understand that it will be difficult to process order details and check e-mails sent and received in the meantime, as we must personally respond to CS until December.
You have to spend all day just checking records and emails sent and received. In reality, the way to solve the delivery delay problem is to solve the financial problem and bring back the DollShe Craft Casting Center employees and CS team who left the company.
Please wait a little longer as the financial crisis is being resolved.
Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor DK.

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