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Information on delivery interruptions and delays

Dear Member,

I am DK (Dragon Kim, DollShe Kim), the CEO of DollShe Craft and a master sculptor.

There was a problem collaborating with Chinese doll sculptor. Mori9, and PayPal claims increased due to large refunds, so I had a difficult time not being able to withdraw even 1 dollar for the past 6 months. I suffered huge losses as my funds were completely blocked by PayPal. An employee who had been working for 18 years resigned. Several other skilled employees lost their jobs. There was even a situation where it was impossible to pay the shipping fee for the casting doll. We have not benefited even a single dollar from our collaboration with Mori9. I also had to pay all PayPal refund fees. This incident gave me great insight. I will never collaborate with anyone.

Mori9 and IZE are authors who create excellent BJD heads. However, I also began to worry about making a more attractive BJD head with my own style.

If we continue to make BJDs, we will strive to make better BJDs every time.

I was in great trouble when my PayPal funds were completely blocked and I have done numerous things to solve the problem.

Only now are we making meaningful profits from our new business and receiving dividends based on sales profits from outsourcing dolls. We have partially resolved the problem of liquid funds being blocked due to PayPal fund withdrawal restrictions and found a way to solve the delivery delay problem.

This incident made me stronger and gave me the confidence to overcome any difficulties.
We will definitely resolve the delivery delay issue and restore the reputation of DollShe Craft.

In the future, if just one person can find a DollShe Craft doll, I will continue to make beautiful BJDs.

We deeply apologize to everyone who has been inconvenienced by delivery interruptions and delays over the past few months.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor DK.

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